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Repair Service for
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Save on PCS is a fully licensed and insured on-site computer repair and maintenance company that operates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Servicing both residential, as well as large and small business clientele.

We offer on-time service, reasonable rates and expert advice.

Three ways to get started

Our Help Desk Support System is available 24/7

Open a new ticket anytime, edit a ticket or delete when service is no longer needed. You have complete control.

Call us at 617-941-6100 during office hours

Securely Login to our 24 hour Help desk

Email us at support@saveonpcs.com

Remote Service

We can login to your computer to solve many issues

Remote support is available to all new and existing clients. It can be provided in many situations as long as the computer is able to turn on and successfully connect to the internet.

Always a Safe and Secure connection

Privacy is Guaranteed

Industry approved software

Virus Removal

We stay up to date with the latest virus trends and remain current with the most efficient way to eradicate them from your systems. Our trained staff brings the industry’s top professional software’s to seek and destroy

Computer Optimization

If your computer is running slow we do more than just use disk cleanup to clean out your junk files. We access files that are deep in the directory that many programs will not search in to clean unnecessary data.

Computer Clean

Our clients see their computers as a valuable and convenient tool in their everyday lives. For that reason, we recommend that they maintain them as such. We advise our residential clients, utilizing their computer for personal

Hard Drive Upgrades

There are countless virus protection software brands on the market and it’s difficult to decide what’s right for you. Believe it or not many of the most popular brands you see are not the optimum choice.

How it works

We make it Easy

What works for one may not work for another. We offer several ways to get your computer repaired on your schedule.

On Site

Our experienced technicians come to your home or business with the necessary training and tools to repair any computer issues.

Pick up

We come to your home or business and disconnect the computer, bring it to our facility, make the repair and then return and reconnect.

Drop off

You drop your computer at our facility and we will in most cases make the repair by the end of the same day for you to pick up.

Why Choose Us


Save on PCS began fixing computers in 1988. Our first retail store opened in 1999. We have experience on all Windows PC’s


We show up on time, prepared with the necessary tools and parts to make a fast repair. Our techs are trained on the latest technology.


We secure your data before we make any repairs. If you do not have a recent backup we will attempt to make a new one.

Get started now

Learn more about our service or call us at 617-941-6100 to get started.


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At Save on PCS we provide our customers with high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. Not sure what your needs are? Let us get to the root of the issue and explain in terms you can understand, so you know just what the scope of your needs are.


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